Gum Contouring (Solution for a gummy smile)

Gum Contouring – Some people have more visible gum part rather than teeth aspect when they smile. When gums are extended far down on the surfaces of the teeth,  the teeth seem shorter than they are. There is noting  wrong with this, from a health standpoint, but from an aesthetic point of view,the teeth can be made more visible which is good for an asthetic smile.

Because the crown of the tooth ends up longer, this cosmetic procedure is often called “crown lengthening.” Some other terms are “gum lifting” and “gum sculpting.” All these phrases refer to the same thing.

 For gum contouring (crown lengthening), we use a laser to perform a gingivectomy (removal of gum tissue). This is a very fast process, often done with just a topical anesthetic.

The laser vaporizes extra and unwanted gum tissue, exposing the healthy enamel underneath. The result is often a dramatic improvement in a person’s smile.

Cosmetic dental bonding

Cosmetic Dental Bonding is done by placing tooth-colored filling material (composite) onto the tooth, to both build up the tooth and, when needed, to alter the shape of it. It requires an artistic eye to achieve optimal aesthetics using cosmetic bonding.

It usually takes one visit and it is the procedure of choice when an instant result is required. Composite is applied directly to the tooth and can be used to correct minor gaps between teeth or to cover heavy staining.

The advantage of bonding is that it is a relatively inexpensive and conservative way to restore a tooth, and the result is immediate.

Cosmetic bonding can resolve small cavities, chipped teeth, fractures, spaces between teeth, and tooth discoloration. However, if you have teeth that are more extensively damaged, a porcelain veneer or porcelain crown might be necessary.

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